About Us

Ras Vaughan

Welcome to the about us page of Team UltraPedestrian, a duo of hikers and adventurers who strive to push the boundaries of human endurance and explore the beauty of nature. The team is led by Ras Vaughan and Kathy Vaughan, a married couple who share a deep passion for hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

On March 4th, 2017, Ras and Kathy set out on a double thru-hike of the Grand Enchantment Trail, embarking on a journey that had never been attempted before. Their mission was to endure 98 days of intense wind, covering a distance of 2634 miles through the Idaho Centennial Trail, Oregon Desert Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Pacific Northwest Trail. Along the way, they documented their adventure through a series of trail dispatches, journal excerpts, video transcripts, and short narratives, providing a captivating insight into their thoughts, emotions, and struggles.

As avid social media users, Ras and Kathy frequently posted updates on their personal Facebook pages, as well as their Team UltraPedestrian Facebook page and Instagram account. They also shared video dispatches on their YouTube channel, offering a glimpse into the breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain that they encountered on their journey.

The UP North Loop was a particularly challenging project for Team UltraPedestrian, not only because it was the biggest Only Known Time project they had ever attempted but also because it marked Kathy’s first thru-hike since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Despite this setback, Ras and Kathy persevered, pushing their minds, bodies, and relationship to the limits and beyond.

Their story of resilience and determination is chronicled in their book, 98 Days of Wind: The Greatest Fail Of Our Life, which is available for purchase. Join Ras and Kathy as they inspire others to embrace the beauty of nature and push the boundaries of human endurance.

Address: Windsor Drive, Coupeville, Washington, 98239, United States

Email: ultrapedestrians@gmail.com